Apnea logbook, designed for freediver.

Store your performance, share with your friends!


APP-NEA is a multi-device logbook for freedivers.

Free, cloud aware, multi-device/

APP-NEA is completely free, multi-browser and multi-device. Platform and data are hosted in the Google cloud.

Detailed information/

APP-NEA is built around the concept of Dive Session and Dives. Freediver can create a dive session with global information about it and then can add one or more single dive to the session with more detailed data.


APP-NEA supports Facebook login access and Facebook sharing of freediver's perfomrance.

/Graph and statistics

APP-NEA shows 3-dimension data graph that reporting depth, time and duration.

/Exporting data [in progress]

APP-NEA will support data export in csv format.

/Field customization

APP-NEA supports data field customization. Freediver will be able to create custom field both for dive session and dive.



APP-NEA is an open software platform providing REST API. Please use this link to access API documentation.

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